Do I have any responsibilities over the trees in my garden?
What is a Tree Preservation Order?
What is a Conservation Area?
My neighbour's tree overhangs my property. What are my rights?
I'm having problems with leaves falling from a neighbour's trees.
What are the benefits of having trees in my garden?
My neighbour's trees cast large amounts of shade over my garden. Do I have a 'right to light'?
Can I get a quotation from you over the phone?
I'm thinking of having some work done on my trees, but I am concerned about health and safety?
I appreciate that accidents can happen. What if my property gets damaged as a result of the tree work you are undertaking?
I have received an estimate but do not understand the terminology.
When is the best time to prune fruit trees?
I have evergreen trees in my garden. They all seem to have brown leaves within the crown, are they diseased or dying?
I am concerned about the environment and want to know more about what happens to my tree waste.

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